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Researching Mobile Markets
& Commercializing Mobile Technologies

Expanding share and revenues often requires a fresh, objective assessment of existing or new markets, in parallel with unbiased evaluation of emerging technologies. Arvani Group provides two decades of experience in market development and assessment of cutting-edge technologies with services that include:

  • Market analysis − We implement customer-centric analysis and intelligence gathering regarding current and projected market activity, identify market dynamics and trends that influence the potential for present and future products and services, and compile detailed analyses of established and new competitors.
  • Objective Technology Evaluation − We synthesize ways to commercialize disruptive technologies that result in new growth opportunities for clients.
  • Market strategy & positioning − We create practical blueprints for increasing share, revenues, and profits, and detail new marketing and operating directions for companies, divisions, products, and services to anticipate and keep pace with the shifts in the marketplace.

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